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    If you're looking for an affordable electrical company in the Doncaster area that are experienced in all areas of the electrical trade then please look no further than Doncaster Electricians. We are NIC EIC registered. Whether it’s a query or a quote, pick up the phone and call 01302 430 944 today or visit our contact page. We provide the following services House re-wires, Energy saving, Led lighting, Alarms, CCTV, Solar pv, Heating, Domestic, Commercial, Industrial. And we are very down to earth and friendly, so please call us, we'd be very happy to help you.

    All aspects of electrical work and emergency electricians work undertaken at competitive prices. House rewiring, electrical safety certification, landlord safety certificates and rcd socket and rcd switches.

  • We are your local electrical experts with over 20 years experience, covering the Doncaster area and DN11 Alverley, DN4 Balby, DN12 Edlington, DN5 Sprotbrough, DN1 Doncaster, DN12 Conisbrough, S66 Clifton, DN2 Intake, DN6 Highfields, DN5 Arksey, DN3 Nether Cantley, S65 Hooton Roberts, S64 Mexborough, DN5 Pickburn, S66 Hellaby, DN3 Kirk Sandall, S64 Kilnhurst, S31 Dinnington, S63 Goldthorpe, DN6 Skellow, DN5 Hooton Pagnell, DN10 Austerfield, DN7 Stainforth, S25 Anston, S63 Rotherham, we provide the following services House re-wires, Energy saving, Led lighting, Alarms, CCTV, Solar pv, Heating, Domestic, Commercial, Industrial.


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    All electrical jobs, including emergency electricians work undertaken at competitive prices. House rewiring, electrical safety certification, landlord safety certificates and rcd socket and rcd switches, home security cameras, home security, cctv cameras.

  • Electricity Made Easy, rcd sockets, rewiring, home security cameras etc

    It's quite easy getting lost in a conversation where electricity is the language of communication, and listening to your electricians go on and on about it only makes you feel dumb especially when they start explaining to you like you're in kindergarten. Aish, pretty frustrating and that's why the experts at Electrical Safety First are here with a handy guide to get you acquainted the basics.

    Getting acquainted with a few basic terms that keeps getting thrown around in a conversation goes a long way in introducing you to a safer and easier electrical world. And you get to finally know where fusebox is (if you still don't know) and understand terms like RCD, watt, or volt.

    Ready for your basics?


    ‘Amps’ short for Amperes is the unit for measuring the flow of current in an electrical circuit. Current as used in that definition is similar to the rate of water flow through a hosepipe. The current will be higher if more water flows through the hosepipe.


    ‘Volts’ is the unit for measuring the electric pressure that makes the flow of electric current possible. Using the hosepipe example, volt becomes the water pressure that causes the flow of water in the hosepipe.


    Following up on the hosepipe example, watts is the amount of water being released. That is, it is the measure of the amount of electrical power used in an electrical circuit. The watts value is gotten by multiplying amps and volts and the higher the value, the higher the power needed to operate an electrical appliance.  


    An RCD is your Residual Current Device, it is a switch designed to automatically turn off your electricity when it detects a fault. It is basically your electrical lifesaver in the sense that it saves you from a fatal electric shock.

    This device monitors the flow of electric current in one or more circuits it is connected to. It switches off the circuit the moment it detects electricity flowing through a wrong path such as a human in contact with a live part.

    Having an RCD decreases the risk of death or a fatal injury from electric shock, however this is no excuse to get careless with electricity. It's adviseable that you check your wiring at least once every 10 years and your RCDs every three months to be assured that all is fine and safe. And whenever you do happen to detect a fault with your wiring or an appliance, stop use that very second and contact a registered electrician.

    For more on RCDs, check out RCDs Explained page on our website – it contains detailed explanation on the different types of RCDs and their different mode of operation.

    If you're a landlord, the amount en year rule doesn't work for you. You should check the electrical wiring in your rental properties at least every 5 years – click for more information on landlords.


    This is one thing we all have in our peoperties and prolly have no idea what they are. Fuseboxes are also referred to as a consumer unit is a box that serves as home to the fuses or circuit breakers in a property.

    Now that you know that fuseboxes are in charge of controlling and distributing electricity in your home, it is essential to know where yours is in case of an electrical emergency that requires you to turn off your electricity.

    A fusebox has three main components: the main switch, fuses and/or circuit breakers, and RCDs.

    • Main Switch – With the main switch available, you can turn off the electricity supply to your home. Sometimes, more than one main switch is provided so you should definitely go check and see how many you have and where they are located.

    RCDs – this you already know about!

    • Circuit Breakers– These protection devices found in the fusebox are automatic switch that turns off the circuit if there's a fault. They're more effective protector than fuses and are almost of the same size as fuses. If they do 'trip', all you have to do is reset it after the fault detected has been fixed.

    Definitely not as complex as you were thinking, right? I know, electricity can be fun too!


  • Electrical Services & Emergency Electricians

    Plug Socket Repair

    We can help you repair plug sockets for many appliances, such as large or small appliances in the household, or in your business. We can be with you quickly, or at a time that is most convenient to you.

    Lighting Installations

    If you are in need of light installations, we can get an engineer to you to help you with your requirements and advice on what is best for your property, whether it’s a commercial or domestic property.

    Fault Finding

    We can help with fault finding in any commercial of domestic property, whether its faulty wiring or lighting issues, we can help quickly identify and resolve all electrical problems in your property at the lowest price in town

    Repairs & Installations

    We can help you with all your Electrical Repairs & Installation problems and issues, and if you need us in an emergency, we can be with you on the same day, otherwise, we can assist you at a time that is convenient to you.

    PAT Testing

    We offer a high quality PAT testing service for commercial and domestic properties. Whether you need it immediately, or at a later date, we will accommodate to your schedule.

    Safety Inspection

    Whether you are a landlord or business, we can help you with a thorough and professional safety inspection, as well as new installation & new hardware testing service. We are available on short notice.

     Emergency Call Out

    Electrical issues can happen at any time, any day. They can cause you serious, costly problems, as well as safety concerns. We offer a fast response, same day emergency electrician at your door, ready to remedy all your electrical issues and problems, stress and hassle free!

    Landlord Certificate

    Landlords have a statutory duty to make sure that all electrical installations and appliances are regularly maintained and serviced, which with a landlord certificate service you can be sure you keep in line with all the required duties and regulations as well as receive the correct records.

    Alarm & Security

    We can have an engineer with you to secure your home with a security system at a time that is best for you. The engineers will discuss with you what requirements you are looking to get and they’ll decide the best way to fulfil your wish.

    All kinds of electrical work and emergency electrician work undertaken at very competitive prices. House rewiring, electrical safety certification, landlord safety certificates and rcd socket and rcd switches.


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